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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

For those in the local metropolitan area, we will have one of our consultants come to your job site and assist in getting the proper measurements. It's the best way of ensuring cost efficiency, product knowledge, and the correct "cut sheet". Why waste time being unsure of what ducts are needed, let us help you get the job done right! Check out our Gallery for some successful projects!

​We are capable of installing all ductwork, fittings, HVAC equipment, commercial exhaust hoods, and all accessories associated with getting the job completed. You can simply order the material needed to get the job done, or we can work together and install for you as well! Send us a BID and we will provide an estimate for LABOR and MATERIAL, you choose what works for you.

On Site Measurements

What we will do for you

  • Pressure clean and degrease condenser coils
  • Clean condensate drain lines
  • Check condition of door gaskets for wear and tear or deterioration
  • Monitor thermostat settngs a couple of times daily
  • Monitor temperature and cycling periodically
  • Check compressor operation and control wiring
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Lubricate motors if oil ports are present
  • Check your refrigeration unit's thermometer
  • Sure insulation condition on suction line
  • Check door hinges and door closures for serviceability
  • Check and calibrate defrost timers
  • All removable parts should be taken out and cleaned
  • Drain should be pressure cleaned
  • Clean ice level sense probe